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Patent Portfolio Optimization/ Analysis

Key to utilizing developments to carry an incentive to your business. Patforb gives patent portfolio Optimization/Analysis directing from creation beginning to implementation of patent rights.

Building up a patent portfolio must incorporate exhortation from experienced patent lawyers with comprehension of your business technique.

Key to Successful Patent Portfolio Management

The organization must have an away from of what they have and it’s worth. Breaking down a patent portfolio is critical to recognize both the issues and openings.

Portfolio proposes numerous alternatives to various inquiries which the proprietor must know.

  • What patents can you expand or evolve?
  • What can you cut that is no longer needed?
  • Which patents will become obsolete?
  • What’s of most value?
  • What drives your business and aligns with goals?
  • Monetizing: licensing, sale, and patent litigation
  • Diversifying
  • Maintaining a competitive edge: where is the market headed?
  • Patents for protection versus defensively held patents
  • Patent enforcement and litigation

Patforb helps you assist you in making patent filing and maintenance decisions that bring true value to a business.

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